Artist Spotlight on ZOOM

3rd Thursday @7pm

(Pacific Standard Time)

Music Appreciation meets Tango History.

Each month, in the Artist Spotlight Seminar we will explore the history and selected works of a specific tango artist. We will get to know the orchestras, singers, and dancers and how they fit into the bigger tango picture in a conversational seminar setting.

Class Recordings

All past Artist Spotlight sessions are available for members. Go to your "Dashboard" --> "Artist Spotlight Resources" to access live class, download presentation & music.

Why do we practice solo?

For us at LA Tango Academy, solo drills are a big part of our training. Doing solo exercises helps us develop our own movement so that when we dance with a partner, everything feels and works even better. While practicing solo feels very different and will never replace dancing with a partner, it’s essential to becoming the dancers we want to be...